What’s Happening?!

I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job of covering the backstory of our decision to adopt so far in this blog.   I figured that now is as good of a time as any to dive in to the current events.   Trust me, there’s a LOT to keep up with!  Ryan and I are living in a state of pretty constant exhaustion and busy-ness.  I know it’s not something we can sustain for a long period of time. We need to make sure we’re taking care of ourselves  and protecting our marriage through this process.  We’ve done a really stellar job of communicating with each other when we feel exhausting or overwhelmed and need a break.  Most of the time we even manage to communicate those things without being snippy or grouchy with each other. WIN!  We are setting aside a week in July to completely unplug and pause everything to just spend some quality time with each other and refresh.  We recognize how important it is to us and for us to take this time and replenish.   We may just be sitting at home hiding in the air conditioning or fishing at the lake, I have no idea. I do know that we’re unplugging completely for the week.

We have a ton of fundraisers happening right now. I’m not even sure I know everything that is going on at the moment!  I’m so beyond thankful for all of the countless people who have offered their time, their talents and their money to help us in this process.  Adoption is expensive.  We are far from rich in a monetary sense.  But trust me when I say that God is showing us that HE can make up for our lack of monetary riches by showing us the how wealthy we are in relationships.  You guys are amazing!

Right now,  we’re working on organizing a few really fun events!   We’re definitely having an old fashioned benefit this summer- complete with food,  games, music, etc.  We’re excited to spend time with our friends and family all in one place.  Details will be coming SOON.   My awesome mom has taken this project on and I am SO thankful for her support and her help.  If you want to help her help us, let me know! I’m sure she’ll gladly put you to work!  We’re also working on organizing a Chinese auction.  This will tentatively be held in the Boneyfiddle at Journey Within during one of the Final Friday celebrations.   If you or someone you know would like to donate something to be auctioned off: contact me or Ryan.  We’ve had some really great responses so far from you guys. This auction will be EPIC!

We’re also working on our Puzzle!  I promised to be completely honest in this blog, and honestly, the puzzle has hit the back burner the last few weeks.  We haven’t talked about it much, but there will be update pictures and a LOT more to come in the next week with the puzzle!  We’re excited to have all of the pieces sponsored and reveal our nursery theme.   Pieces are $10 each or 3 for $25.  If you’ve never heard of the puzzle fundraiser, here’s how it works:

Every person who donates to our adoption becomes a part of our story; a piece of our puzzle. 
  • We have designed a 300 piece puzzle; every piece symbolizing someone who will help bring our baby home.
  • Each piece is a donation of $10 or you can sponsor 3 pieces for $25
  • You may choose to be one piece of the puzzle or several pieces of the puzzle.
  • YOUR name will be written on the back of each piece you represent!
After the puzzle is completed, we will frame the puzzle between two pieces of glass and hang it in our child’s room. To add to the suspense, we’ll post pictures of the progress of our puzzle periodically, but you won’t know what the puzzle looks like or the theme of our nursery until it’s complete!
We are also still VERY actively still selling tshirts!  We have surpassed the 400 mark in tshirt sales which is just incredible to me!  Every week I think, “ok…  we probably won’t have any more shirts” and then BOOM! My inbox is full and I’m scrambling to throw the order together and get it to the shirt shop.   I picked up the latest order today after work and already have another 20 shirts to turn in on  what we lovingly refer to as “T-Shirt Tuesday”  We’re thinking of offering a new color as a 1x special order.   If you’d like to see the Adoption = Love shirt in another hue.. let us know !
Last but not least we still have a YouCaring site up and running.   You can check it out here:
We have a LOT going on.   I’m overwhelmed at times, but it is all SO exciting!   We are working just as fast and as hard as we can to bring our little T-Bird home.   (Curious about why we are calling our baby T-Bird? Maybe that will be the next Blog topic!)
We have just 2 months to raise another $4,500 in order to make our first BIG payment to our adoption agency. It’s really important that we meet this first deadline so that our application to remain “active”. If we miss the deadline, we have to reapply.  We’re trusting that God is going to continue to provide!  He has overwhelmed us so much already! (Being overwhelmed with life isn’t so good. Being overwhelmed by God= AWESOME!)
In all, we need around $34,000 to be fully funded.  It’s a BIG number.  We have a long way to go. We serve an even BIGGER God.  I just know this is going to come together and when it does we’ll only be able to say, “Thank you Lord.  Thank you family. Thank you friends.”
Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough to say.
“The best kind of people are the ones that come into your life, and make you see the sun where you once saw clouds.  The people that believe in you so much, you start to believe in you too. The people that love you, simply for being you. The once in a lifetime kind of people.” 

One thought on “What’s Happening?!

  1. You guys are doing a GREAT job!!!! Proud of you both! So thankful you are going to get some down time, you both need and deserve it!!


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