What’s In a Name?

Ryan and I have talked about our children as if they already exist since we were married.  Maybe it started even before we got married?!  I don’t remember what we called our theoretical son (poor imaginary kid…), but our daughter was always Lyric.  I heard that name while in high school and instantly fell in love with it.  I love music.  I love to sing. My baby girl would be the song in my heart. Perfecto!   It was unique without being so different that she would get made fun of at school.  I was sold.  Ryan liked it from the first time he heard it too. (His first suggestion for a girl’s name was Belinda….as in Belinda Carlisle) Her middle name will be Michelle after one of my very best friends who passed away several years ago.  Michelle and I had often talked about how she didn’t think she’d ever have children of her own, so I promised I would name my daughter after her. I honestly couldn’t think of a more beautiful soul to name my daughter after.   I had always hoped Michelle would know her namesake…now I have hope that one day they will know each other in Heaven.

We have dreamed about who our daughter would be, and prayed for her as if she were in the other room.  I’ve occasionally let myself wonder if other couples do this before they have children, then I decided that I probably didn’t want to know the truth of just how crazy we are! Ha!

A few months ago we heard another name.  A “T” name for a girl that we absolutely fell in love with.  It met the same “important to me” criteria:  It’s unique, but not so different that our poor kid will get made fun of for her name and the actual meaning of the name is solid.   So, poor little Lyric lost her first name and now she is referred to as “T—“ around our house.   We still dream about who she will be and we pray for her often.   No, we won’t tell you what that “T” name is. Sorry, not sorry!

Boys.  Boys are hard. At least boy names are hard.   When we get really overwhelmed with “the process” of adoption, talking about names gives us some relief from the stress.  It reminds us that all of the work, tears, frustration and stress about money will be worth it because this child is coming and he or she will definitely need a good name!  It’s fun to talk about.  It’s even fun to pick on Ryan about his name choices.  This man whom I love with all my heart seriously wanted to name OUR SON….. Jefferson Starship.

Uh, no.  Thanks for your input babe!  (haha!)

We thought we had decided on the name “Brody”.  We talked about Brody and Lyric for quite awhile.  Then we talked about Brody and “T—“ but then I ruined Brody by looking up what it meant.  Brody means “ditch”. Ugh. Ryan ruined Brody by insisting his middle name should be Amadeus. (lol… he cracks me up!)  It’s important to me that our son/daughter will have a name with strong meaning behind it.  I don’t know why that’s so important… but it is.  So, Brody’s out.   W’ve talked and threw out some names…. then Tobias was the next one to kind of stick. I think Toby is cute?  It has a good strong meaning behind it. Ehh, maybe?   Another “T” name….  Let’s just call this baby T-bird! Then Toby lost steam. Tobias is out. We’ve tossed around another 15 or 20 names.  Last night another name came up that is kinda sorta sticking…but coming up with a middle name for this new name is proving exceptionally difficult. I’m thinking this new name won’t stick either.

(Helpful Hint:  When deciding your future child’s name… say “first, middle,last names”  together in a stern voice (aka mom voice) .. and see if it has a good flow. If not,  back to the drawing board! Haha!)

I guess the topic of this post in particular means I’m stressed out.  It’s finals week for me, we have a TON of work ahead of us for our home study and my plate is completely overloaded at work.  I know that this will pass. I know that this temporary stress will be SO worth it…. but I needed to get lost in the moment of something fun! What could be more fun than talking about what you’ll name your child?  I know we don’t have to decide today.  I know we may change our mind the moment we lay eyes on our precious baby.  But it’s fun to dream!  It’s fun to talk it out.  …It might even be a little fun to make fun of your husband who wants to name his son Jefferson Starship!

Do any of you have any awesome boy names you want to throw our way? Leave it in the comments! Our name criteria is this: 1.  It needs to be something unique- but not so unique that teachers will never be able to pronounce their name correctly.  2.  The name needs to have a solid meaning behind it.” Feel free to share! We’d love to hear from you!


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