The “Golden Ticket” of adoption!

I’ve been on the verge of tears almost all day.   Not sad tears,  not anxious tears.  Happy, emotional,  overwhelmed tears.   This week is probably the biggest week in adoption events that we’ve had to date.   When I look back nearly 6 months,  I honestly can’t believe we’ve made it this far.   This week we will wrap up the home study process. Tomorrow we will send our first BIG payment and sign our contract with Abba Adoption.  As I type,  there’s a lump of emotion in my throat.  All of the hard work, celebration, perseverance and tears has brought us to this point.  OH. EM. GEE!

I’m not sure how familiar you are with the Adoption/ Home Study process, so I thought I’d give a brief explanation.  Basically before any agency would ever consider placing ANY child with a family or individual, you have to have an approved home study.  The home study process is expensive, exhausting and invasive.   It can take quite a bit of time to complete (sometimes as long as 6 months from what I’ve read.)  I’d guesstimate that our completed home study will have cost around $2,000 once we figure in all of the various expenses and fees.  You have to complete an extensive series of paperwork,  gather lots of official documents and invite a stranger (social worker) into your home only to answer lots of VERY personal questions and make sure you’re home is clean and safe.  We’ve managed to stumble through this process without too many surprises or
hiccups.   We should have our completed, official home study around the middle of the month.

A completed home study from what I can understand at this point in the process is basically like THE golden ticket.  We have officially been invited to Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory!  We are IN!  At this point in the game we can start applying for grants that will help offset the expenses that we still need to cover.   I already have a stack of grant applications ready and spend a few hours each week researching any other grants that may help.   Most grants offer around $2,500 towards adoption expenses which would be a HUGE help.  They all have a lengthy application process.  Thankfully, I’m not scared of a little paperwork.  Especially if that means it moves us a step or two closer to bringing home our baby!  This process has made me even more thankfully that I took that keyboarding class in high school!  Some of the grants we are applying for are “matching grants” which means that they will offer us a dollar amount as long as we can match what they offer with other donations.   I think we’re up for the challenge!  We’ll post more on that if/when we’re accepted!

We will also be signing our contract with Abba like…TOMORROW.  OH. EM. GEEEE!  Signing a contract means that we are locked in with Abba.   It means that they will be representing us and we will be going to Arkansas to meet our baby at some point.   I’m so excited! I’m also really nervous!   Having a completed home study (aka golden ticket) and being in contract with Abba means that we can be chosen by a birth mother/family at any time. ANY TIME.  Like,  we will be “on the market” in the chocolate factory quite possibly before Halloween.  In case you didn’t know, Halloween is this month. It’s practically tomorrow in my mind.manatees

We’ve been SO BUSY for the last several months that it was easy to forget that this was really really REAL.  It was easy to get lost in the busy work of what was happening and emotionally detach.  We now have a car seat and a crib sitting (still in the box)  in Ryan’s man cave.   I can’t bring myself to open them yet, but they’re here.   We are really going to be parents!

We’re SO close to $15,000 raised to date! ($14,953)  That’s pretty incredible!  We never imagined we’d make it this far.  We still have a long way to go, but we’re confident that God is going to provide in His perfect timing.   Thanks for sticking around for this adventure!  We’re so thankful that we have such an incredible source of support.   Every time we’ve asked for help or support, you’ve stepped up to the plate.  Thanks for sticking it out through my cheesy Willie Wonka references too.  I think I’m really tired!