I’m sure those of you who have carried a child understand when I say that you can’t quite put in to words how you feel that first time you hear your baby’s heartbeat. After our scare the day we found out I was pregnant, I was afraid to hope I would ever hear it. On Tuesday that all changed. 

I knew things in the ultrasound looked different. I knew I hadn’t had any more issues with bleeding and Incoildnt remember the last meal I kept down. But the moment I heard that heartbeat this deep sense of relief and gratitude just overwhelmed me. This baby is alive and growing and I am just overwhelmed with gratitude and relief. 

I don’t think I’ll ever forget hearing Dax’s heart beating for the first time. We were so nervous waking into the hospital room where S Would soon be giving birth. It was the first thing I noticed when we walked in that room. It gave me such a sense of peace and security to listen to the rhythmic thumping on the monitor. It gave me a focus when things were quiet and hope when things felt tense. I still love it when Dax is laying on my chest and I can feel his little heartbeat against me. 

  Hearing this baby’s heartbeat was different, but offered me a familiar sense of peace and security. For now, this baby is healthy and growing safe and secure. For now, we are rejoicing over this new life! 


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